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How to Give Your Pet Oral Medication | Tutorial | IndyVet

We understand that not everyone understands the best ways to give medication to your pet. Sometimes they are squirmy and worked up over having to eat something that they may not necessarily want to eat. But, we will all want the best for our furry family members. Here are the best tips and tricks on how to give your pet oral medication and keep them happy while doing it.

Lauren Hadley, RVT, shows some of the best methods on how to give your pet oral medication. Whether you have liquid medication or pills, here are our best tips and tricks:

Lauren starts by explaining that you should have a designated area in your home where you pet receives extra love so that they associate this space with a positive experience. This reassures your pet and makes them feel less stressed.

Liquid Medication

Using a syringe, hold your pet’s back towards your stomach. Use the syringe and press towards the corner of your pet’s mouth until it opens. Swiftly place the syringe into your pet’s mouth and squirt the liquid medication towards the back of the throat. Try to do this as quickly as possible so as not to stress your pet.

Pill Pocket

If your pet is food motivated like Benji is, a pill pocket is a great way to get your pet to take their medication easily. Hide your pill in the pill pocket or some food helps disguise the food.

Pill Gun

If your pet is doesn’t fall for the pill pocket trick, a pill gun may be your best option. Wrapping your pet in a towel (if your pet is small enough), make sure that your pet’s face is still accessible. The towel helps to calm your pet but also protects you from being scratched by a stressed animal.

Much like the syringe, use the pill gun and push it towards the corner of your pet’s mouth until it open. Gently and quickly insert the pill gun into your pet’s mouth and push the pill towards the back of the throat. Be quick but not forceful.

If you are unsure on what to do, you can always call IndyVet. We are here for you and your pet, 24/7.

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