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Pet Owner Resources

Owning a pet is a joyous and rewarding experience, but it also comes with its share of responsibilities, particularly when it comes to health care and dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. IndyVet wants to provide our clients with resources that they can use to help assist them in pet ownership.

Navigating pet insurance and dealing with pet loss are significant aspects of being a pet parent. Understanding options like Trupanion Direct Pay can make veterinary care more accessible, and seeking appropriate grief support can help in times of loss.

Remember, taking care of your pet’s health and well-being includes taking care of your emotional needs as well.

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Pet Insurance Options

Why you should consider pet insurance:

Pet insurance helps manage healthcare costs for your pet, ensuring that you can afford the best care without financial strain. 

Choosing the Right Insurance 

  • Coverage: Look for comprehensive coverage, including accidents, illnesses, and chronic conditions. 
  • Cost: Consider premiums, deductibles, and reimbursement levels. 
  • Exclusions: Understand what is not covered, such as pre-existing conditions. 
  • Reviews and Reputation: Research customer reviews and the insurer’s reputation in the industry. 


Visit Pet Insurance Review to compare Pet Insurance Policies.

Trupanion Insurance

What is Trupanion Direct Pay? 

Trupanion Direct Pay is a feature of Trupanion’s pet insurance policies that allows veterinarians to receive payment directly from Trupanion at the time of service. This means that pet owners don’t have to pay the full cost upfront and then wait for reimbursement. IndyVet has partnered with Trupanion to accept direct payment. Our referral coordinators are Trupanion Certified. 

Benefits of Direct Pay 

  • Immediate Payment: Reduces financial stress by not requiring pet owners to cover the full cost upfront. 
  • Convenience: Simplifies the payment process, making visits smoother. 
  • Broad Acceptance: Widely accepted by a network of veterinarians across the country. 


How to Use Trupanion Direct Pay 

  • Find a Participating Veterinarian: Ensure your vet accepts Trupanion Direct Pay. IndyVet Emergency and Specialty accepts Trupanion Direct Pay. 
  • Receive Treatment: Get the best treatment for your pet. 
  • Trupanion Pays Directly: Trupanion pays the vet directly for covered services, and you only pay your portion of the bill. 


For more information and resources, please visit Trupanion’s official website. 

Grief Support for Pet Loss

Losing a pet can be an extremely difficult experience. It’s important to acknowledge this grief and seek support. 

Support Resources 

  • Counseling: Professional counseling can help you process your loss. 
  • Support Groups: Joining a pet loss support group can provide comfort and understanding from others who have experienced similar losses. 
  • Memorializing Your Pet: Creating a memorial can be a therapeutic way to honor your pet’s memory. 
  • Online Forums: Online communities can offer a place to share memories and feelings with fellow pet lovers. 


Pet Loss Support Groups:

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