Veterinary Technicians & Assistants

Our technicians and assistants are the heart of our hospital.  Everything flows through them.   We have the most skilled techs and assistants in the business.  From unblocking cats to placing IV catheters and central lines we use them to their fullest potential!  Our techs and assistants live and breathe patient care, ensuring that patients really do come first.  If you want a better work experience, please check out the following postings below and fill out the application form.

Technicians/Assistants in the Emergency department are responsible for caring for all hospitalized and incoming Emergency patients records and medical needs. For a full job description, click here: Emergency Technician/Assistant

Technicians/Assistants will assist veterinarians in the care of animals by performing diagnostic testing and setting up surgical procedures. They may perform an initial evaluation of the animal’s condition, clean and bandage wounds, check vital statistics, collect samples, perform post & pre-op imaging and administer medications. For a full job description, click here: Surgery Technician/Assistant

The Anesthesia team provides high quality anesthesia services to each department in the hospital by tailoring each anesthetic protocol based on each specific procedure and patient. Patients are monitored during and after the anesthetic event, including the pain score and FAS score, and provided with a postoperative pain plan to ensure quick and pain-free recovery. For a full job description, click here: Anesthesia Technician/Assistant

To apply for one of the tech/assistant positions, please fill out the following form:


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