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Veterinary Apprenticeships

Come Join Something Better! Become a Veterinary Apprentice at IndyVet!

We are committed to the responsibilities of training new veterinarians in the field of small animal practice and exposing them to as much clinical experience as possible. Currently, we have specialists in critical care, surgery, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, and ophthalmology. We offer a two-year apprenticeship program for new or recent DVM graduates.

What does a Veterinary Apprenticeship look like?

IndyVet offers emergency apprenticeships to new or recent DVM graduates who are interested in pursuing a career in clinical emergency medicine. The IndyVet Emergency Apprenticeship is an integrated program that uses a case-based format to teach the apprentice core emergency concepts, necessary clinical skills, and communication proficiencies to manage a high-volume emergency service. The program consists of four 90-day units where a solid emergency knowledge base is built upon to result in a competent, highly skilled emergency doctor. After completion, the apprentices agree to an additional one year of service at IndyVet with a handsome six-figure salary and bonus incentives, working only 10-12 shifts per month.

Two ER Apprentices Write About Their Experiences at IndyVet:

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