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Wound Care Clinic

The Wound Care Clinic at IndyVet

At the IndyVet Wound Care Clinic for pets, our primary objective is to establish, safeguard, and oversee an optimal wound environment, fostering swift and efficient healing while mitigating potential complications. Employing a range of advanced bandaging, surgical, and innovative techniques, we strive to accelerate the healing process, ensuring both excellent functional recovery and cosmetic outcomes. Trust us to prioritize your pet’s well-being and recovery journey


Welcome to the IndyVet Wound Care Clinic – Skilled Healing for Better Outcomes!

Why Choose IndyVet’s Wound Care Clinic: Effective wound care demands time, expertise, and dedication. Complex wounds require meticulous attention, and entrusting your pet’s care to a dedicated and highly skilled wound care veterinarian is crucial for optimal results. Choose IndyVet for unwavering commitment to your pet’s healing journey with unparalleled expertise in wound care.

Our team works alongside the surgery and ER departments to treat and manage wounds and non-surgical fractures.

Our Wound Clinic treats the following emergent issues:

  • Large degloving injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Bite wounds/attacked by dog/attacked by animal
  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Frostbite
  • Bandage sores
  • Decubital ulcers (pressure sores)
  • Wounds secondary to envenomation
  • Conservative fracture management
  • Gunshot wounds to extremities (i.e. do not penetrate into the thorax or abdomen)
  • Stab wounds to extremities (i.e. do not penetrate into the thorax or abdomen)
  • Tail amputations (excluding caudectomies)
  • Dehiscence of surgical wounds/incisions (that do not penetrate into a body cavity)

Dr. Andrew Hyslop and His Expertise

Our Wound Care Clinic is headed by Dr. Andrew Hyslop. Dr. Hyslop spent 5 years following graduation in formal advanced training in surgery and wound care. Over that time, he developed an in depth knowledge of a variety of surgical and non-surgical tools/techniques to help wounds heal as efficiently as possible – such as custom fabrication of casts and splints, and treating wounds in a field and hospital setting.

Highly Trained and Certified Team At IndyVet, we’re proud of our dedicated team of highly trained and certified technicians. They’re specialists in stabilizing and caring for even the most challenging medical cases, giving your pet the best chance for a full recovery.

Expert Support for Healing Process:

  • Takes direct transfers from referring veterinarians and other specialists
  • Utilizes a variety of tools, including surgical repair, special bandaging, photobiomodulation, etc. to appropriately treat/manage wounds
  • If a patient has a wound that needs treatment or a fracture that requires non-surgical management, but also has an underlying medical issue(s) – whether we are suspicious that they may have them, or has systemic issues that may result in difficulty with wound healing – we will work closely with the appropriate specialists, ER DVMs, and/or rDVMs to ensure their other issues are appropriately evaluated and treated.


For Our Referring Partners:

Referring veterinarians with patients requiring wound care for conditions as listed above can be referred to the clinic, bypassing general admission through the Emergency Department.  Direct referral to the WCC allows critical patients the most immediate treatment for their condition. 

To submit a referral to our Wound Care Clinic, go to our Referrals page:

Wound Care Clinic Team
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