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Ways to Give Back to Pets in Need

It’s the season of giving, and if you’re a pet owner you know the unconditional love and support that your pet gives you each and every day. Pet owners give to their animal companions too, offering food, shelter and love.

During the holidays, you may be wondering how you can give back to your community, but what you might not have considered is that your pet can give back too!

Ways To Give Back

Foster a pet:
Fostering is one of the best ways you can help homeless pets. By giving a dog or cat a temporary home, you not only save their life, but you also save the life of another dog that the shelter now has room to take in.

Donate food and supplies:
Animal shelters are always in need of dog and cat food (canned and dry), cat litter, toys, leashes/collars, paper towels, bleach, and laundry detergent. IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital has donation bins available to collect supplies and all supplies will be donated to local shelters in need.

Give the gift of life with pet blood donation:
Just like humans can donate to blood banks, dogs can give this precious gift, as well! Canine blood transfusions can help pets suffering from a number of medical conditions, and donations are always needed.

Just like humans, emergency surgery requires having blood on hand. Too often a supply of blood is lacking. As a result, the IndyVet Blood Donation Center was created to provide and supply canine and feline blood products. The pet blood we collect is used by IndyVet and other veterinary hospitals for transfusions during emergency treatments, major surgeries and anemia.

Visit to learn more about if your pet is eligible to donate and to sign up your pet today!

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