The Story of Holly

Holly, Rooster, Rooster Tooster, Rooka Took, Roo Bear. Our sweet girl is known by all of these names in our family. Holly came to us as a foster in 2011. She had an injury that she was recovering from and needed a peaceful home environment so that she could become adoptable. Holly was one of […]

My Pet Ingested Antifreeze, Now What?

antifreeze and pets

My Pet Ingested Antifreeze, Now What? During the colder months of the year, one of the most common cases that veterinarians see in hospitals across the country are pets who have ingested antifreeze.  Dogs are most commonly found to ingest the fluid – it tastes sweet to them and they may have access to it […]

How Do I Give My Large Dog Eye Ointment?

large dog eye ointment

Depending on the size of your dog, there are different techniques that you can use in order to help your pet with eye medications and/or ointments. Smaller dogs tend to be easier because you can hold them in your lap. However, if you own a large dog you may be wondering ‘how do I give […]

Houseplants That Are Toxic for Dogs and Cats

toxic houseplants

When spring is in the air, we all tend to get a little itch (pun intended) to do some gardening.  One very popular hobby right now that is trending is the houseplant hobby.  The boom in this industry in unknown but could be due to various reasons such as mental and physical wellness, the need […]

Why is the Wait So Long | Emergency Veterinary Hospitals

emergency vet

IndyVet Emergency and Specialty Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide emergency and critical care to pets.  This 30,000 square foot facility houses an emergency department and eight specialty departments including Critical Care, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Surgery, Rehabilitation, Neurology, Anesthesia, and Internal Medicine.  With over 100 people on staff, you […]