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Perfect Presents for Pets

Americans love their fur babies, so indulging them with toys and treats for the holidays is just something that we do! In fact, pet owners are expected to spend about $62 each on their pets this holiday season! To help you find that perfect gift for your fuzzy friend, consider the following:

  • A Kitty Laser. This small device will fire a laser dot onto the floor and automatically move it around in an erratic fashion for your cat to chase – it’s even good for multiple cats!
  • Auto Dog Mug. This is perfect for people who like to spend time outdoors with their pets. This squeezable water dispenser has a bowl attachment on top that can be filled simply by squeezing the bottle section below it! When your pet has had their fill, releasing the bottle will suck the water back into the bottle so there’s no waste!
  • Pet Grooming Gloves. These gloves are specially designed with silicone grooming tips that massage your pet while removing shedding hair as you pet them.
  • Slow Feeder Puzzle Bowl. These imaginative bowls have unique shapes molded into them to make even the speediest of dogs and cats slow down while they’re eating to work the food out of the intricate design.
  • Heated pet home. This is the perfect cozy little nook for your pampered pet. A built in heating pad provides extra warmth to their new favorite hiding spot!
  • Furbo Dog Camera. Once placed in your home, you fill this device full of treats. The Camera is paired with an accompanying app for your phone, and you can watch your pet, you can talk to them, and can even throw them a treat if you’d like – when your not in your home!
  • Fetch Dog Ball Throwing Toy. You load this toy with 3 tennis balls, and you can have it throw the balls, 10 feet, 25 feet or 45 feet. Your dog can then retrieve the ball, drop it back into the toy and it will continue to throw the ball as long as the dog wants!
  • Dog Pajamas. Who doesn’t like getting pajamas for Christmas? Dogs are no different! Consider getting your best friend a snazzy pair of P.J.’s for Christmas!

The holidays are the perfect time to spoil your pet, do your part and help make them feel loved the whole year through!

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