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Keeping Your Pet Safe During the Winter

Winter is upon us and so are those freezing temperatures.  A lot of the times we think that our pets are safe outside in the winter because of their permanent fur coats and that most of them enjoy being outside, but there are quite a few things that you need to consider in order to keep your pet safe during the winter.

Water Bowls

If you have an outdoor dog and/or cat, make sure that you are still giving them fresh water every single day.  With these frigid temps, their water bowls tend to freeze up causing them to become dehydrated.  Keep checking those water bowls to make sure the water is thaw and fresh.


Something that most pet owners don’t think about is how sweet antifreeze tastes to cats and dogs.  Although they may think that it’s a sweet treat, be vigilant and make sure that they do not ingest it because it is extremely poisonous to your furry family members.  Be sure that you clean up any spills that may happen and keep it out of reach.

Check Their Paws

If you take your pet on a walk during the winter, be sure to check their paws afterwards.  Take a towel and wash and dry your dog’s paw pads to rid them of any salt, antifreeze or chemicals before coming inside.  This prevents their paws from becoming irritated and sore.

Extra Food

Animals tend to burn even more calories in the wintertime to try to keep themselves warm.  Feed your pet a little extra food than you normally to replenish those calories. 

Keep Them Sheltered

If your pet is outdoors much of the day for any reason, you will need to provide them a shelter that is dry, big enough for movement but small enough to hold body heat.  Try to have the shelter raised off the ground and fill it with materials like straw that can keep your pet warm. Covering the door will help insulate the shelter and keep your pet safe.

Remember, if it’s too cold for you outside than it’s probably too cold for your pet. Bring them inside during harsh weather conditions.

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