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How to Give Eye Ointment To Your Pet | IndyVet | Ophthalmology

Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or new to the game, taking care of your pet can come with many challenges. As pet owners, a trip to your veterinarian isn’t uncommon. Our pets have accidents and illnesses just like humans do. Sometimes after a trip to your vet, you may end up with medications or ointments that will need to continue at home. So, you may be wondering questions such as how to give eye ointment to your pet without making them scared of uncomfortable.

Dr. Heidi Klein, DVM, MS, DACVO, shows you how to give eye ointment to your pet in three very simple steps. Watch along in our quick and easy How To video.

Here are the 3 Easy Steps on How to Give Eye Ointment to Your Pet:

  1. Hold the ointment in your dominant hand. This gives you more control.
  2. Put your hand under your pet’s chin and direct their face towards the sky/ceiling.
  3. Put the ointment directly on the eye near the upper eyelid.

Remember that pets and humans are treated differently. If you have human ointment at home, please do not use this on your pet. Only use ointments and eyedrops that were given by your local veterinarian. Using the wrong ointment in the eye can cause your pet pain, eye damage and sometimes even blindness.

All IndyVet specialists have received four or more years of post-doctorate training prior to board certification. This training and experience allows our specialists to manage and treat a wide variety of complex diseases and conditions in collaboration with general practitioner colleagues across the state of Indiana. This collaborative approach to case management allows us to provide the most versatile care for patients.

The goal of IndyVet Ophthalmology is to help pets maintain or recover ocular health and vision so they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle with their families. A secondary goal is to help identify genetic risk factors of ocular diseases in pets to reduce the perpetuation of these diseases in the breeding population.

Learn more about our Ophthalmology Department and IndyVet’s other emergency and specialty departments. We are here for you and your pet, 24/7!

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