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How to Give a Cat Eyedrops

As pet owners, we know that sooner or later we will probably have to treat our animals at home. Maybe they need to take medication orally or maybe it’s something like eyedrops and you’re not entirely sure how to administer them correctly. So you might be wondering to yourself, how do I give my cat eyedrops?

Dr. Heidi Klein, ophthalmology specialist in our Ophthalmology Department at IndyVet Emergency and Specialty Hospital shows you an easy 3-step process on how to give a cat eyedrops.

So, what are the three steps on how to give a cat eyedrops?

Step 1: Hold the eyedrops in your dominant hand with the lid already removed.

Step 2: Hold your cat in your lap and point his/her head towards the ceiling.

Step 3: Gently hold open the eyelid with your pinky finger and administer the eyedrops.

Remember, it’s normal for your cat to shake their head or squint their eyes after drops have been administered. Be sure to give them extra snuggles! And as always, in the case of an emergency please call PET-E-911!

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