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Elvis Recovers From A Broken Pelvis And Fractured Hip

We first met Elvis when he was a rescue dog at the Bartholomew County Humane Society. As part of his rehabilitation program to help heal his broken pelvis and fractured hip, we took him through 8 weeks of balance, coordination, and strengthening exercises to help him recover.

His strengthening exercises included uphill and downhill walking, which is an effective technique for stretching the hip joint and increasing range of motion. Walking up and down the stairs fully shifts the weight on his hind legs to build muscle in his thighs. The cavaletti (pictured with the cones) helps build coordination by giving him an obstacle to walk over, making him more aware of his surroundings and able to focus on where each foot is being placed. Plus, the combination of the physioball and hydrotherapy help strengthen weak muscles in his hip. Patients healing from fractures typically perform well when exercise is first initiated in water.

Now, he is doing much better and was adopted by one of our technicians! For more information on our canine rehab program, click here!

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