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We love to hear from our happy clients! We take great pride in the work we do and its amazing when we can turn a less than ideal situation into a positive outcome! Below are some of our favorite stories from happy clients!

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Casper was 10 weeks old when I picked him up from the breeders. He was intended to be a companion for my grandmother. Things quickly changed when my grandma didn’t think she could handle all the responsibilities of a new puppy, so my mother decided to take Casper to live at her house. That lasted about five months, until I walked in one day to find her chasing Casper around the dining room table, trying to get him to go outside to do his business instead of on her cream colored carpets. It seemed to be a ritual with those two, running & screaming, the house always in turmoil. During the day Casper would be contained/gated in the bathroom. One day mom came home to find the bottom half of her bathroom cabinet gone, the toilet paper covering the floor and her shower curtain on the floor, and Casper had made himself a temporary bed. Once he was let out of the bathroom it took alot to persuade him to go back in, because once he had found freedom he wasn’t giving it up without a battle. Mom told me “you’re going to have to take him home with you because I can’t do this anymore”. We then decided to put him up for adoption. So we found a nice retired couple who took him in for about a week, before they dropped him back off at our front door. They said Casper had more energy than both of them. Now we were at a loss on what to do for Casper. He was just so cute and so sweet with so much love to give but he was so energetic that he was hard to keep up with. I couldn’t understand why he kept coming back to us but it finally became clear that we were all meant to be together.

At the time Casper came back to us, we had a 5 yr old Pomeranian name “Gator” and never had any notions of another dog in the house, but we finally talked Gator into letting Casper stay on a trial basis. You have to understan Gator was our baby and he had the run of the place for 5 yrs, so accepting another dog into the house was a BIG DEAL for all of us. It was a hard sell for Gator. He had a routine in place. He would eat, take a daily walk, bark at the neighbor dogs thru the fence and take a couple of naps during the day. Casper, on the other hand, had plans of his own…play…play…and you will play with me. He didn’t care if Gator was napping or not. Many times I would walk into a room to find Gator on his bed resting and Casper behind him nudging at the pillow trying to get a rise out of him. It was a daily thing to find some of Gators fuzzy tail hair dangling from Casper’s bottom lip. Gator lost alot of sleep that first year, but in the end they became the best of buds.

We never regretted our decision to keep the little guy. They say things happen for a reason and I’m glad they did. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion. He had a big heart and shared his love of life with alot of people. He will begreatly missed, but never forgotten. We were lucky enough to have him in our lives for almost 11 years and we know how special he was. God gave us a great gift when he allowed us to spend those years with Casper.

Thank you and much love to all the people at IndyVet who helped him thru his bad times. WE COULDN’T have done it without you. Thank you for all your efforts, care and concern for Casper and going above and beyond. Thank you just doesn’t begin to tell you all how we feel about all the times Casper was in your care. Thru pneumonia, disc disease and then cancer. We got more than we bargained for in one little poodle, but you can’t put a price on the love we got in return!!

Love Casper and Penny G

First of all I’d like to say that I have enjoyed the recent emails I’ve been getting from you. It’s nice that you have a website for success stories and I’d like to share Sami’s story. I would like to say big Thank you to Dr. Speiser and the entire staff at IndyVet for taking such good care of Sami (Masami) while she was in your care and finding out what was wrong with her. She became sick in early December and it seemed like nothing my vet was doing for her was helping. After several visits to my vet and a couple visits to the emergency vet, my vet finally did a Barium test and diagnosed her with megaesophagus. Well, I wasn’t convinced that was her problem and took her to a different vet for a second opinion and he said the same thing. Well, nothing was helping her and in tears, I called my vet and told him I felt we needed to get to the bottom of her problem as I had this sick feeling I was going to lose her. That is when he recommended I take her to you, he said you were like the Mayo Clinic for cats and dogs, and he was right! Dr. Speiser had me tell him everything that was going on with her while he let her get acquainted with him. He looked over all the tests and x-rays I brought down and he was convinced she didn’t have megaesophagus. They ran a bunch of tests on her and by that night they had the answer, she had inflamatory bowel disease caused by her body rejecting the protein in her diet. While not curable, I was told it was treatable through diet and maybe medication. She absolutely loves her venison and potato diet and we even found a company that makes venison and sweet potato treats that she can have. She and her sister Miko (Miyako) just love them! A few days after her prednisone was gone, she started eating grass again, so we had to keep her on the prednisone, but we do have her down to 2 1/2mg a day. My vet says that is really good and next month she goes back in to have blood work done to make sure everything is okay. Sami has put on weight and is back to her sassy self. She has such a great personality, very spunky and affectionate. The love I get from her daily more then makes up for all the money I had to spend to find out what was wrong with her though that whole ordeal. To me a pet is a family member, not just an animal and I’m glad that you were there to help her. Maybe this summer I can bring her down so she can thank you herself! Thanks again for all you did! Judy Whitton

PS, their birthday cake last March was made out of 2 cans of venison and potato and decorated with venison and potato kibble! They will probably have another one this March when they celebrate their second birthday.

Pippin jumped down wrongly from his mother’s lap. Immediately, we noticed impaired mobility. By the next afternoon, he was completely paralyzed in his front limbs. Being a 12-year-old dog, we thought it was over for Pippin. Then, our regular vet referred us to IndyVet. Once there, doctors thought he could walk again. They were transparent with costs and potential outcomes. We opted for surgery.

With patience, excellent care, and a superb rehabilitation team at IndyVet, we have our boy back after only 1 1/2 months. We are so thankful for IndyVet and their skilled neurosurgery. The rehab team of Kelly and Karrie were fabulous and hardworking with Pippin. The nursing staff was kind and we could call anytime for updates 24 hours a day!

Thanks IndyVet for saving our boy’s life!

~ The Williams Family

Our little 13 1/2 year old toy poodle Katie suffered a seizure due to chronic kidney failure and lack of any calcium. She was hospitalized for three days at IndyVet. Due to their proper treatment and care we got to enjoy our little girl for three more months. Sadly she took a turn for the worse and we had to have her put to sleep.

A few days later we received a sympathy card—all signed by the staff; a note saying a donation had been made in Katie’s name and an article called, “Rainbows Bridge.” I still cry every time I read it.

I might expect a small veterinary clinic to show that kind of compassion—not a big veterinarian hospital like IndyVet. I was wrong.

The staff at IndyVet were very professional and caring throughout the whole time Katie was being treated.

~ Larry and Teresa White

In September, Tank got loose and was found barely alive and stuck in a tar pit. I was in shock. My husband called IndyVet that Sunday evening and we rushed Tank to the hospital. Several vegetable oil and Dawn dish soap baths were administered. After many hours of bathing, I received a phone call that his blood sugar was 20. The vet quickly acted to this and his blood sugar began to rise. After 3 days, we were able to bring Tank home. Both retinas were torn, he had ulcers in his stomach, and chemical burns along his side. He took 5 medicines and we gave him eye drops 3 times daily. Thanks to your great work, our little guy can see fully and is back to his playful self. Thank you so much for everything!

~ The Spradlins


I called your office today and I inquired about the cost to see my dog and when I just thanked the girl for her reply, instead of hanging up she asked me what was going on. She reached out when she didn’t have to and when I started sobbing she offered to meet me out front with a gurney even though it wasn’t needed.

When I arrived I was so upset, so confused, so scared and hurting so bad. The nurse came and took him immediately, the girl at the desk whisked me to a room where I could cry without shame (she had no idea the thankfulness I felt when she did that). The vet that came in never judged me for being leery of cost. I have children, need my own surgery right now, have “life” bills and she never made me feel that I was bad for looking at every angle. I was so thankful for these girls looking at me as a person who loves my dog but needed to make the right decision for us all that I felt the need to write to tell them thank you. From your kindness on the phone, to your help at the front desk, to your glasses of water, constant updates and the compassion, I thank you. What you girls didn’t know was that my “Chances” was adopted from a shelter at a time when I was struggling to have a child and he shares such a special place in my heart, I was dying inside when I showed up and you don’t know how much I needed kindness towards us both. I’m an ER nurse, I know what “bad” looks like and I was scared. Thank you girls for being so kind to me and my “Chances” today (BTW he’s called that because I took several chances on his adoption and he changed my life). Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart….thank you.

~ Tricia Larussa

The IndyVet Blood Bank Program means a lot to us. We signed up Angus, our English mastiff, and Joe, our boxer mix.

Angus has universal blood so it’s truly a blessing for other dogs, which gives more options for his donation. It makes us proud that our boys have helped so many dogs in need with health issues. When Angus is finished donating, there’s a bit of cockiness about him like he’s saying, ‘Look what I did!’ Then he gets love and attention, and he loves the treats right after!

We’ve told several people about the program and tell them you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Knowing the program is around and what it does for dogs all across the country is just amazing. The perks you get are nice, but knowing what you did to help others is the true perk!

Over the years, all of the girls in the program have become friends. They truly have your pets best interest at heart, and care about the animals in their care. And that means so much to me.

~ Colleen Y.

When I registered for this class (Pet First Aid & CPR Training) I felt if I walked away with one or two valuable tips it would be worth my time and money (i.e., I wasn’t anticipating a lot but welcomed any new information to help animals). The program was informative, professional, and intense…the good kind of intense. I applaud you, the staff, and canine volunteers Molly, Margo, and Harley for making this a successful and productive event.

What I particularly liked. The presentation included enough technical/medical terms to grab the attention of participants–communicate the seriousness of emergency treatment–yet not so much that it overwhelmed levels of concentration. This is a difficult balance to capture, and it is clear IndyVet invested a lot of effort to fine tune the presentation. I also liked having the hard copies with space for taking notes of the Power Point presentation. It helped me better focus on what you were saying rather than worrying about remembering all the details because I could make notes on the visual and still remain tuned into the verbal. Now I have permanent notes that accurately reflect your teachings with my written cues to nudge my memory…

The work you are doing is admirable. It is obviously a lot of work for IndyVet (and, personally, I can’t imagine it’s a great deal of fun for you; as I said earlier, it is intense). It can’t be a big moneymaker for you. This tells me you do what you do for the sake of the animals. All too often it has been, sadly, my experience that that purpose gets lost in the process. You all are inspiring, and I thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

~ Penny B.

Hello. I just want to say that me, my wife and our 3 furry ones had a fantastic time at your annual pet carnival. You always put on a great show and this year was no exception. When we have the opportunity, we try to make the carnival every year but thank you for a pleasant experience. Great job!

– The Bartons

I want to thank everyone at IndyVet for the most amazing service and treatment for our 7 year old Weimaraner, Kona. Our journey began in February. I did some research and with help from my local Veterinarian, we decided that IndyVet would be a good choice to consult. We are definitely crazy dog parents who would do anything for our dog and needed to find the BEST treatment options for her. I can honestly say that we did find THE BEST for her.

After our consultation with the doctor he indicated that Kona needed to have TPLO surgery on her right leg and indicated that her left leg would soon need the TPLO surgery as well. We had no idea that her left leg even had an issue. The doctor took the time to explain what was happening with her, what they would have to do to her and the follow up that she would need after the surgeries. He was amazing. He was there every step of the way to answer our questions and concerns. I have had many surgeries and I have never had a doctor treat me as well as he and the staff have treated Kona and us during these last few months. They went out of their way to call us before surgeries, during surgeries, after surgeries and each day during her recovery. Once she was home when I had questions, there was always someone that would take my call and advise me.

We were lucky enough to have Dr. Klein, who specializes in ophthalmology, take a look at her eyes during one of her recoveries. She was able to diagnose Kona and provide her with medication that has actually helped her. We have had issues with her eyes since she was a baby. Further, IndyVet provided amazing physical therapy for Kona to get her up and around even sooner than expected. Kona has been through so much, but IndyVet truly amazed me with their personal care and attention to not only Kona’s needs but to our needs as well. They have worked with us to accommodate our work schedules knowing that we are about an hour away. I can’t imagine going through any type of procedures on Kona without them. We can’t say thank you enough to EVERYONE at IndyVet!

We are so fortunate to have IndyVet as a resource for our dog.

Thank you,

– Amy & Darin Jenkins

I’ve been a registered nurse for more than 30 years. In all my years of nursing I’ve never seen “doctors” as compassionate and caring as the veterinarians in your facility. All of your staff surpassed my expectations in compassion, caring, and over all treatment of our “baby” Newman, and my family in general. Thank you for taking such good care of Newman, I feel so fortunate and blessed to know you are here to take such good care of all the four legged and furry babies that come through your door.


Where do I start to explain how much I appreciate the kind, caring, and dedicated staff that make up the phenomenum known as “IndyVet”. The more than capable professional docs who blend so flawlessly together to ensure quality care and make pet and owner feel so “special”. The entire staff seem to go the “xtra mile” to assist their clients whenever possible.

One snowy day, my toy poodle, Babbette, became very ill. For several months as she was “in” and “out” patient, no one really knew if she would ever be well again – but no one ever gave up. When she was so very ill and hospitalized, up-dates were given on her progress or crisis – day or night – I could count on someone to be with her and care for her and my calls were always answered and questions explained. I was treated with respect and kindness but more important, Babbette was given the same.

Although many expert vets took care of Babbette, one certain doc became her “Primary Physician” – I cannot praise this fine doctor enough. Without her dedication, expertise, and skill, I’m not certain Babbette would have sat in Santa’s lap this year.

To Summarize: My experience with IndyVet has been bitter sweet. No one ever wants to need emergency care; that’s the bitter. However, I thank God in heaven that on Victory Lane (just off 465) there is a place and people who are there 24/7 if you need help for your pet. No where else – on this earth – can come close to the quality and compassion you find waiting behind the glass doors.

Thank you IndyVet – for all you do and all you are!

– Linda Howard

My Little Ashley was very sick, she had a stroke due to probably her weight of 26 lbs. So my husband called IndyVet and rushed her there. They immediately got her in and started taking care of her. The staff – all of them gave her love, care, and attention like no other hospital. Ashley had a weight problem and so Dr. Speiser put her on a special diet – we followed his instructions and she lost the weight! While there, Ashley wore real baby gowns to keep her warm (they had to clip her long hair due to mats). All the staff would always be loving on her, watching her. They spoiled her!

You could call anytime and they would tell you how she was doing. Once we were called at 2am to come up – she had gotten bad, but Dr. Speiser and the staff pulled her through it.

I highly recommend IndyVet for the love and care of your pet. Ashley got sick again and they pulled her through that too. IndyVet takes care of your pet like family. They are caring, loving and are the best Doctor’s that have the knowledge – they know what to do. I thank all the Doctors and Staff for loving and caring, and allowing Ashley with me a little longer.

Thanks for everything IndyVet.

~ Carolyn Wells

We wish to thank you all for your caring, compassionate and professional care for Jackie in her time of medical need!

It is so refreshing to deal with those who show dedication to their profession. It is not too often these days that someone takes the time for a follow up call to their clients! It was very nice dealing with all of you!

~ Mary

Do you remember me? Yes, I am Leo. I, just want to thank you, for the wonderful job you did on me. I recovered well from all the surgeries and hospital visits. Unfortunately, I still have not found the one who shot me, and the local sheriff was everything else than helpful in finding the person.

I was told your web-page is completed by now. It looks pretty nice as much as I can see on the monitor. Seldom, I feel the last screw in my shoulder, and it does not bother me to play around with my brother. Roasted pig ears are my favored treat. They are nice and crisp, and I am not sharing them with anyone. I got used to pick dry dog food with my long tongue.

My favorite past time is to figure out a way to make me disappear, so far I opened any type of kennel, lock and no fence is tight enough that I will not find a way out. Maybe I should apply for a job at the IRS, to find loop holes and tax-shelter. Or, maybe I start with you as a security dog. I could patrol the kennels during the grave-yard shift. As you know I know all the tricks, no dog would fool me. Maybe I can sneak out and get a car and come to your carnival on July 09th. I assume you do not want me at the night with the Indians. Somehow I miss the nightly drives to Indianapolis. I have no stories to tell to my brother, now. I wish you now a nice weekend.

All the best

Your Leo

We can’t thank you enough for what you have done for Sam. Sam thanks you too, for saving his life. You guys are great!

Jake and Janet Wildfong

We wanted to take time to Thank You for all your effors and care of our dog Daisy Mays. She is now home recovering from her surgery and doing very well.

You have wonderful doctors and staff. Thank you again for a wonderful job.

The Mays Family

Thank you for saving Teddy.

Mary and J.C.
Water’s Edge Newfoundlands

Thank you for taking care of Rita when her bandage fell off her foot! Here she is in a calm moment enjoying her hot pink foot.

Nancy and Rita Stage

We wanted to say thanks again for taking such good care of our baby. It is so good to have him back home and playing like he should. It is a job trying to keep him from wanting to scratch at his stitches, but we are working on it.

I must also say that your facility and staff are the top of their profession. All pets were treated like people, not numbers like in a people hospital. We were kept up to date on everything done and were welcomed to call anytime to see how things were going. A people hospital could learn a lot from you guys.

Many people said I can’t believe you would spend that kind of money on a pet, but in our eyes you can’t put a price on LOVE. And that is what our Quincy shows us 24/7.

Thanks again for all you have done for us and we will see you in a couple of weeks for a check up and stitch removal.

Chris, Michelle & Quincy

Happy Holidays from Mark, Kryssi, Andy, Sammy, Mack, Cream and Shark.

Thank you… for all the wonderful things you and your staff have done for my babies in the past, present and future.

“Taz” is doing great. Runs after his tennis ball, plays with his hedge hog. When we got back from his final check-up in Indy, I found an abandoned kitten in the back yard. They are the best of friends, and good therapy for Taz. He has gotten a lot stronger on his legs. He’s now called the little miracle dog. Once of these days I’ll bring him to see all you guys.

Much gratitude and love,

Kay and “Taz”

Thanks for your kindness and patience!

Kent & Kelly

We think of you often and hope that you are well.


John and Alysse Coble (and Cricket, too)

We wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for giving our old Spike back to us! He is doing so great. With our love and gratitude.

The Szotghes and Spike too!

Thank you so much for taking so much care and time with Skeeter. She is our little girl again. She is enjoying her sun bathing, so much. She is still doing well on her diet.

We are glad to have her home again, so was she.

Thanks again to all of the staff.

The Hunters and “Skeeter”

To Dr. Speiser and the Wonderful Staff of IndyVet

Oreo made a full recovery from her tracheal surgery and is doing great. Thank you so much for everything you did.

John & Holly Riggs & Oreo

Dear Dr. Speiser, My momma and I wanted to write and tell you that I’m recovering very well thanks to the work of you and the IndyVet staff. Thanks to you all, I run and play. My momma and I get to play in the snow and walk in the sun. Momma says I am the Light of her world, I don’t know what that means, but she sure smiles when she says it.

My legs wobble a little still, but momma tells me I’m getting better all the time. Thank you all for taking such good care of me!!

Dixie White

Thanks to all who were so helpful to allow Christian a chance at a great new life.

North Central Maltese Rescue

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