The Story of Holly

Holly, Rooster, Rooster Tooster, Rooka Took, Roo Bear. Our sweet girl is known by all of these names in our family. Holly came to us as a foster in 2011. She had an injury that she was recovering from and needed a peaceful home environment so that she could become adoptable. Holly was one of […]

Julie Lada

Bio Dr. Lada was always the kid trying to take every animal home, from stray kittens to baby birds to bullfrogs. The creepier the better, with spiders, rats, and snakes being among her favorites! With two main passions in high school – literature and science – she initially chose a journalism major, but changed course […]

My Pet Ingested Antifreeze, Now What?

antifreeze and pets

My Pet Ingested Antifreeze, Now What? During the colder months of the year, one of the most common cases that veterinarians see in hospitals across the country are pets who have ingested antifreeze.  Dogs are most commonly found to ingest the fluid – it tastes sweet to them and they may have access to it […]

Halloween Safety for Pets

halloween safety

For many of us, our pets are more than animals, they’re family members.  We like to have our pets participate in activities that the whole family can enjoy. Many times, holidays are big events for families.  Halloween is becoming more and more popular amongst pet owners.  Pet costumes are a pretty common sight now a […]

<strong>Puppies and Canine Parvovirus | Signs and Treatments</strong>

puppy parvovirus

Okay, so you’ve adopted your new puppy and you’re ready for a lifetime of walks, playing fetch and posting adorable social media photos.  But, before you get too comfortable, one of the first things that you should think about is getting your puppy vaccinated against the highly contagious virus, canine parvovirus. What is Canine Parvovirus? […]

Allison Valentijn

Bio Dr. Allison Valentijn grew up in north central Indiana, where she developed a love for animals and science from a young age. Her family always had a particular affection towards Old English Sheepdogs, but always supported Dr. Valentijn with her interests in other types of animals. In middle school and high school, she volunteered […]