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Pet Tips

Monitoring your pets weight

Is your pet overweight? It's important to watch your pet's diet, as obesity in pets can lead to health problems. The following suggestions will help you avoid an overweight pet.
  • Talk to your veterinarian about what to feed your pet. Your pet's dietary needs will change as they get older, and they may need to be on a special diet due to their health.
  • Don't feed your pet treats too often. Try rewarding your pet in other ways such as playing with them, taking them for walks, or just giving them extra attention.
  • Control how much food your pet eats daily by measuring it based on what your veterinarian recommends.
  • Avoid feeding your pet "people food". The foods we eat are higher in fat and calories than food that is made for your pet, and feeding them what we eat may upset the nutritional balance they need to stay healthy.
  • Control how much your pet eats by feeding them at set times. A full bowl all day may encourage your pet to eat if he is bored.

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