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Pet Tips

Traveling with your pet

  • If your pet is not used to traveling in the car, take them on several shorter rides before the big trip. this can help alleviate any motion sickness or nervousness they may have with being in the car.
  • If you have problems with your pet on short rides contact your veterinarian or IndyVet. Some pets travel better while tranquilized, your veterinarian can let you know if this may be a solution.
  • Make sure any identification tags have current address information so that your pet can be returned to you if they run away during the trip.
  • Don't forget your pet when you're packing! Pack their food, a few toys and food and water dishes. While your at it, don't forget their leash for walks in rest areas along the way.
  • If your pet requires any prescription medications, make sure to bring them along and have the prescription filled before you leave.
  • Use seatbelts! Not only will it increase your pet's safety, but in some states it is becoming a requirement. It is important not to allow your pet to extend their head out of the window as particles of dirt can harm your pets eyes, ears and nose causing injury and infection.
  • Bring along a thermos of cold water for your pet so they have clean drinking water.
  • Make sure any hotels you stay in along the way allow pets, if possible book reservations in advance.

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