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Halloween Pet Tips

As the breezes start to chill and the leaves explode with the beautiful color of fall, we are reminded that it is time for the ghosts, goblins, spooks, and monsters to come to our doors.

It's time for Halloween! With Halloween comes candy, costumes, and Trick-or-Treaters, but there are some cautions you should take with your four-legged friends. For your pet's safety and pleasure, please follow the Halloween pet tips we have provided for you.

Some pets, specifically black cats, have become victims of torture and abuse during Halloween, so be sure to keep your pet indoors.

Pets are naturally attracted to bright lights in dark areas and may either burn themselves by the flame or knock the candle over, starting a fire.

Candy and candy wrappers
Candy is an obvious item to keep away from your pet, but foil wrappers are often thrown on the ground and disregarded. They can actually become like a razor to your pet's internal organs if swallowed.

If your pet is going to be in costume this Halloween, make sure that the costume is nonrestrictive, allows free movement, and does not restrict vision, hearing, or breathing. Costumes should not contain small, dangling pieces or pieces that can be easily digested.

Open Doors
With everyone coming and going, watch out for open doors and sneaky pets. Make sure your pets have collars and tags on in case of escape.

Chocolate is dangerous for pets! Give chocolate to loved ones, and you could end up poisoning them. That is, if the loved ones are your pets.

Even small amounts of theobromine, an ingredient in chocolate, can cause vomiting and restlessness in pets. Larger doses can be fatal. While most pet owners expect a dog to develop an upset stomach after eating a large amount of chocolate, few realize its toxic potential. The lethal dose of theobromine depends on the size of the dog and the type of chocolate. Ounce for ounce, baking chocolate has six to nine times as much of the substance as milk chocolate does.

In the event of an emergency please call PET-E-911

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