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Pet Tips

Fall pet safety

  • With falling temperatures outside, fleas are trying to head indoors. Check your pet regularly for them.
  • Be careful when winterizing your vehicles and home. Many of the chemicals used are extremely poisonous to pets. If you see your pet lapping up any of these spilled chemicals, call PET-E-911 immediately. If you wait too long, it may be too late to help him.
  • Check your outdoor pets for burs. It is not uncommon for pets to get them in their paws at this time of year. When they groom themselves, the burs can get stuck in their tongue or throat.
  • In the fall, more than any other time, the ice that forms on ponds may be thin and not strong enough to hold your pets weight. If your pet likes the water, it's time to teach him to stay out of the lake until springtime.

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