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Canine Blood Donors
Canine blood donors must meet stringent requirements:
  • Must be between 1 - 8 years of age;
  • Must be 35 pounds minimum weight;
  • Must have never received a blood transfusion;
  • Must be in good general health and current on all vaccinations (proof is required);
  • Must be taking heartworm preventative;
  • Must pass comprehensive blood screening, blood typing, and infectious disease screening.
Donor Perks
Through the IndyVet program each donor will receive a yearly stipend to assist in maintaining the wellness criteria that our donors must uphold. This stipend is made payable to your family veterinarian and is to be used as payment toward required wellness services such as annual physical examination, blood work, vaccines, heartworm preventative, and flea and tick preventative.

After each six donations, donors will also receive a Blood Donor Reward Card that can be used at IndyVet for any service (emergency, internal medicine, surgery, and/or ophthalmology).

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About The Canine Blood Donation Center Program
The IndyVet canine blood donation center provides canine blood for use at veterinary practices throughout Indiana and across the United States.

Dog blood (K9) is used by IndyVet and other veterinary hospitals for transfusions during emergency treatments, major surgeries and anemia involving canine patients.

IndyVetís canine blood donation center collects, separates, and stores blood. Each unit of whole blood is broken down into packed red blood cells and plasma. Nothing is wasted and each unit can save 2-4 dogs. Canine packed red blood cells have a shelf life of 42 days, while canine plasma can be stored for five years.

Having fresh prepared canine blood product allows IndyVet to treat many life threatening emergencies immediately. This is one factor that allows IndyVet to provide superior services both internally and to hundreds of veterinary practices across the United States.

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