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Medical Alert Dogs

February 17, 2017

We all know that dogs make fantastic pets and can help to enrich our lives every day, but did you know that many can also be trained to be the difference between life and death? Medical alert dogs have been specially trained to help people identify the onset of a medical condition such as a seizure, or diabetes, and can help their owner safely prevent or handle their condition.

Certain dogs can use their keen sense of smell - up to 10,000 times more powerful than ours - to sense a medical condition in a person and alert their owner to prevent a crisis from occurring. For example, seizure alert dogs can detect a seizure up to a minute or two prior to the seizure and alert their owner to...


Take A Veterinary Heart Quiz

January 25, 2017

Take A Veterinary Heart Quiz Question:
Do dogs and cats have ďheart attacks" like people?

No. (More precisely, very rarely)

A heart attack in people is a condition where one or more of the blood vessels supplying the heart become occluded so that part of the heart muscle dies leading to sudden and potentially fatal heart failure. This condition very rarely...


Common Pet Injuries

January 10, 2017

Common Pet Injuries Pets are a unique part of our families and they behave like furry children in more ways than one. Sometimes they get hurt and itís helpful to know how to spot the difference between something serious and something that is not. Sometimes accidents happen or play gets too rough, but by knowing more about which injuries are more common you should be able to recognize when something is serious and needs attention from your veterinarian....


IndyVet Holiday Pet Drive

December 10, 2016

IndyVet Safe Holiday Pet Travels ĎTis the season to be jolly, but a lot of animal shelters struggle daily with having enough supplies to take care of all of the animals they take in. This holiday season, IndyVet is continuing their tradition of a holiday drive to benefit local shelters. Donations received this year will benefit Bartholomew County Humane Society and Waldo's Muttley Crew.

Many of these organizations donít have regular funding, they only survive through donations, and so we like to support their efforts.

This year, you can help...


Travel Safely With Pets
This Holiday Season!

December 5, 2016

IndyVet Safe Holiday Pet Travels According to the American Pet Products Association there are 78 million dogs in the U.S. and each year, more and more pets are traveling with their owners to pet parks, restaurants and pet-friendly destinations, especially during the holidays and winter months. The problem is, the vast majority of owners are traveling with their pets unrestrained. Many people just donít realize that an unrestrained dog or cat riding in a vehicle can be a serious distraction.

The Dangers Of Unrestrained Pets When Traveling
A dog sitting in the front seat can risk fatal injury from an airbag, even in a minor collision. Just as bad, a dog is also at risk of flying through the windshield when sitting co-pilot...


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