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Tank's Success Story

In September 2014, Tank got loose and was found barely alive and stuck in a tar pit. I was in shock. My husband called IndyVet that Sunday evening and we rushed Tank to the hospital. Several vegetable oil and Dawn dish soap baths were administered. After many hours of bathing, I received a phone call that his blood sugar was 20. The vet quickly acted to this and his blood sugar began to rise. After 3 days, we were able to bring Tank home. Both retinas were torn, he had ulcers in his stomach, and chemical burns along his side. He took 5 medicines and we gave him eye drops 3 times daily. Thanks to your great work, our little guy can see fully and is back to his playful self. Thank you so much for everything!

- The Spradlins
Indyvet Success Story - Tank
Tank Tank Tank Tank

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