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Pete the Dog Recovering
From a Broken Hip

Before arriving at Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption (CILRA), Pete had a broken hip for some time, so he naturally figured out ways to walk on his rear leg that depleted the muscle. Now, Pete's foster mom, an IndyVet technician, is working with our main therapist Karrie to help him regain strength in his rear leg. Pete still has several weeks of physical therapy to go, but he is treading right along thanks to our caring staff and advanced technology. We are working with him on the underwater treadmill, ultrasound, laser therapy and other range of motion exercises.

We're using various treatments to help Pete, including:
  • ultrasound, which sends waves to his muscle to help it become less tense;
  • laser therapy to help blood flow and make his hip joint more functional;
  • various exercises including range of motion;
  • A ball and square balancing platforms forcing him to stand on his leg;
  • sits and downs;
  • sits and stands (teaching him how to not overcompensate for his leg);
  • and the underwater treadmill - taking the weight of his body off his leg to re-teach his brain to place his paw and use the leg how it should be used.

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