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A survivor wants to thank her blood donor heroes

Hi, I would like to introduce you to Lexus: this is our miracle.

Let me explain.

When Lexus was a couple months shy of her 4th birthday, she became very sick. We were told that she was in liver failure. Our vet advised me to take her to the emergency vet right away. So I brought her to IndyVet. We see our dogs as our children, like so many others, so most will understand that the next part was very difficult. We had to leave her at the vet. I was devastated. Upon returning later that evening, her condition had changed dramatically. She was so very lethargic and had massive bruising that had covered half of her body. When they brought her in to see us, it was very heart breaking. To track her bruising, she had to be shaved down on one side of her body, which allowed you to see one huge purple bruise. It was at this point that they told us what we needed to do. They wanted to start with blood transfusions. This is a very difficult discussion to have about a loved one. See, she was so young and had been so full of life. I just couldn't see not giving her a chance. But at the same time, you wonder if you are just prolonging the discomfort and the inevitable? I was advised by our regular vet to do the treatment and wait the night to see what happens. So we did. Things didn't get any worse so we gave her another night and another. During this time, Lexus didn't eat. They even let me come in with special treats of lunch meat to see if we could get her to eat a little of that. Unfortunately, she wouldn't. It came time to do something. While doing a much needed liver and bone marrow biopsy to see what the major problems were, they put Lexus on a feeding tube and gave her another set of blood transfusions. They kept her another night to give her a good fighting chance before we decided we had to take her home. At this point, Lexus had been with the hospital for about a week and had many blood transfusions where I don't remember the exact number. I believe there were 3 different dogs contributing with their blood. Lexus came home on the feeding tube, lots of medication, incontinent, 20 lbs underweight, and an uncertainty that she was going to make it. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and months turned into years.

And here she is 8 years later! 8 years longer than we should have had her. This is a picture of our little miracle on the 12th birthday, now an old lady. She is still just as active as she was when she was a young pup. Yes, she's getting old and shows her age here and there. She takes meds for a little arthritis, urine incontinence, and has some cataracts, but she's strong and vibrant and a gift and joy to have in our home.

So there's only one thing left to say: THANK YOU! THANK YOU to the vets for giving her this chance. But more importantly, THANK YOU to the dogs that so graciously gave their blood to save my baby's life. I truly believe that without those gifts, she would not be here today as an old lady.
Lexus Zink, Owner & Dr. Speiser

Blood Donor Recipient

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