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Indianapolis Veterinary Emergency Center and Indianapolis Veterinary Referral renamed as IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital

The Indianapolis Veterinary Emergency Center (IVEC), known as Central Indiana's original 24-hour veterinary emergency and critical care facility, and Indianapolis Veterinary Referral (IVR), have merged and adopted a new name—IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital.

For nearly 20 years, IVEC has been operating 24 hours a day offering emergency veterinary care to the public. In an effort to remain non-competitive with primary care practices, the animal hospital does not offer routine services.

IVR's role was to provide specialty referral services to over 90 veterinarians in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

"Operating IVEC and IVR as two separate entities was no longer necessary as every patient was treated collaboratively whether they entered through the ER or our specialty practice," said Dr. James Speiser, owner and founder of IndyVet.

"Between our specialty and emergency critical care services, we plan to differentiate ourselves by offering truly integrated and collaborative care, and unsurpassed customer service to all of our clients."

With success and positive growth, the veterinary hospital saw its specialty expertise far surpass what the name and brand image originally conveyed.

"It became time to officially combine our practices, and match our 'outside' look with our 'inside' capabilities of providing comprehensive, superior care and exceptional service," Dr. Speiser added.

In the near future, IndyVet patients will find aesthetic changes in the reception and exam room areas in relation to color scheme, artwork and other design elements. The updates will create a more uplifting, comfortable, feel-good environment for pets and their owners, Dr. Speiser said.

Over the years, IndyVet has expanded to encompass an array of specialty services, which evolved as a result of a demanding market, and it will continue to grow in coming years.

Specialties include 24-hour emergency and critical care, a canine and feline blood donor program, internal medicine, radioactive iodine therapy (I-131), rehabilitation, surgery and ophthalmology.

"Business will run as usual, but with a renewed commitment to deliver top-notch customer service to DVMs and pet owners," Dr. Speiser said. "Our two respective audiences can expect to find IndyVet as a place where care comes first."
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