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Diva's Success Story

Diva is our 11-year-old doberman pinscher that had to have surgery two days after she acquired a herniated disc in her neck while we were gone at work. The spinal injury left her quadriplegic - unable to move her legs or even bark. Shortly after, she started physical therapy at IndyVet, and I was allowed to accompany her in a session so I could learn how to do the therapy at home.

The first month of Divaís recovery took a lot hard work and lots of love, which Diva always gets. We had to flip her every three hours, 24 hours a day the first month, and also worked her legs four times a day to keep muscles pliable during the recovery. We would massage all of her muscles, but within two weeks of the accident, muscle atrophy had already started.

Carrie would give her laser treatments, electrical stimulation and physical therapy at IndyVet twice a week for nine weeks. Diva could only withstand the underwater treadmill for three sessions since she wasnít able to stand on her own. Every evening, we started holding her up on her belly and having her stretch and crawl to get treats. And once we had the "Help 'Em Up Harness," we were able to carry her out to our pool and help her swim. We did this three to four nights a week and she would swim around the diameter of the pool six to nine times with our assistance. We did the at-home pool therapy from July until late-September.

At that point, Diva could stand on her own for a couple of minutes, and she was getting really good at crawling on the ground. We took her down to Brown County and once we came back home, her spinal cord finally awoke. By the first week of October, Diva was able to stand up on her own, and walk eight to ten steps without any assistance.

Our beautiful, strong-willed and special girl is now back to herself. She isnít 100%, but I would say a good 90%. She does get tired quickly, but she and my husband are back to walking in the field behind our house in the evenings. She still loves to chase me through the house and is always ready to go to our house in Brown County.

Thank you so much Dr. Vecchio, Dr. Speiser and Carrie in the physical therapy department for helping give Diva her freedom to be able to walk and run again. Thank you to all the staff at IndyVet for helping her the first nine days after the surgery - you were great with us, and our Diva. And thank you God for answering our prayers and giving Dr. Vecchio the special skills and trusted hands to do the surgery to repair the herniated disc in Divaís neck.

With Much Appreciation,

Russell, Laurie, Tori & Diva Turk

Indyvet Success Story

diva after surgery

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